Elrry Mineshadow

Torn asunder by duality, doomed to be forgotten by history.


Race: Human
Rank: Heroic
EXP: 71

AGL: D10

Charisma: 0
Pace: 5"
Parry: 7(8)
Toughness: 6(8)

Climbing: D6
Fighting: D10
Investigation: D6
Lockpicking: D8
Knowledge (Arcana): D8
Notice: D6
Repair: D6
Stealth: D10
Streetwise: D6
Swimming: D4 (provided by Mermaid-Scale Bracelet)
Throwing: D6

Hindrances: Heroic (Major), Enemy (Major – Altosh the Lich), Obese (Major), Enemy (Minor – Unknown), Stubborn (Minor)
Edges: Counter-Attack, Florentine, Quick Draw, Ritual Caster, Thief, Two-Fisted, First Strike
Additional: Amber Right Ringfinger, Aquamarine Right Thumb

Armour: +1 Chain Armour
Weapons: Lifebalance, Assassin’s Blade, Frosted Throwing Axe, Spirit of Arsus
Items of Power: Glowy Amulet, Fire Ring, Martial Ring, Mask of Beauty/Ugliness, Mermaid-Scale Bracelet
Gear: Wayfinder Badge, Deed for The Wayfinder, Lockpicks, Bottomless Coin Purse


Born and raised in Silvercrest, Elrry originally made his trade as a small-time thief. Known locally for his skilled stealthiness in spite of his obvious girth, Elrry plied his trade by making himself not invisible, merely beneath notice. A sharp-eyed guard may pay attention to the skulking shadow creeping up on him, but he’ll spot the fat guy strolling past and then ignore him, presuming him to be no threat. Never a man to deny himself what he wanted, Elrry was a frequent patron of the local pub, The Wayfinder, as he preferred the quieter atmosphere where he needn’t try to blend in, since nobody was ever there who might later recognise him at a crucial moment. While strictly small-time, Elrry did have one claim to fame: being such a skilled thief he’d somehow stolen a dwarf’s surname.

All of that changed when he, along with the other regulars of the bar, suddenly found themselves the owners of The Wayfinder. Elrry himself was the one who actually had the deed thrust upon him, and he made a point of pocketing the document and never mentioning it to his new ‘comrades’ ever again. Thinking that the pub might make an excellent front for taking his elicit activities to the next level (not to mention the money he could save on free drinks!), Elrry was very agreeable to joining the party’s early escapades, intent on procuring the money to fix up The Wayfinder and turn it into a front for his elicit activities.

This plan, like most, didn’t work out at all as he intended. Greedily pocketing the best of the loot acquired during the party’s adventures, Elrry eventually came into possession of a noble blade, dubbed ‘Arsus’. A holy symbol, this weapon could speak directly into the thief’s mind, and set about trying to reform him into a hero worthy of using it. In the adventures that followed, Elrry time and again disappointed the dagger, sticking to his own interests and only sticking with his companions because he saw greater profits in working together than in going it alone.

This selfishness lead Elrry to be oblivious when his companion Prosnorkulus began exhibiting disturbing behaviour after acquiring the blade ‘Souldrinker’, finally culminating with the dwarf being transformed into a vampire and set to fight against the remaining two members of the party, Elrry and Wilgold. Fighting for his life, Elrry struck down his now-ex party member without hesitation, and found himself presented with a horrible choice. Surrender Arsus, the blade which had been nothing but a sore in his side for weeks but which he had finally come to see as a vital companion (as well as his sole hope of combating the Lich Prosnorkulus had unwittingly unleashed), and he and Wilgold would be allowed to escape with their lives. Refuse, and face certain death. With Arsus howling inside his head to do the noble thing, Elrry took the hard choice. By surrendering his beloved weapon and fleeing with his life, there’d be time to warn Silvercrest of the danger, and to prepare to fight another day. As he and Wilgold fled, Elrry felt Arsus’ death wail sear into his mind, and the scream has never left him since.

However, by its death Arsus did, it seems, achieve its goal of reforming Elrry. Now possessed of a determination to right the wrong his party had created by releasing the Lich, Elrry became resolute to protect Silvercrest at all cost. To that end, he served in Wilgold’s Order of the Golden Dragon Slayers, staying behind the scenes and attempting to ensure the party never swerved from ensuring the city would be saved. This continued even after the Order was usurped by the re-animated Black Shet, as the party renamed themselves the Silver Guard.

Under their new mantle, the Guard slowly began to unite the city one piece at a time, working hard to bring new parts into the fold. On one such adventure, on a serpentine isle, Elrry found himself presented another quandary, when the Mask of Beauty/Ugliness fell into his possession. Putting the mask on would make him a greater asset to the Guard, and allow him another step towards destroying the Lich, but at a terrible cost. By putting it on, he would slowly bleed out of history, his past actions forgotten and his present self lingering in no one’s mind, fading even from the memories of his closest companions. Resolved that no personal sacrifice would be too great, he put on the mask, feeling it sink beneath his skin and obliterate his face. While he would now be a far better thief, Elrry was no longer interested in simple profit, and giving up the respect he’d earned in the Guard wounded him gravely.

Personal sacrifice can have positive results, however, for after dealing the final blow to an ancient vampire, Elrry found a mystical device which, when sacrificed together with the retrieved Hilt of Arsus in a particular ritual, allowed him to retrieve the Spirit of Arsus. While Arsus no longer has any physical form, the ability to summon it as a spiritual blade means that Elrry will never be unarmed again, and that at least one person close to him will not forget who he is.

Elrry Mineshadow

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