Freya Ir'Mote

"Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, bringing torment and pain to others. Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin, is time to die" - Freya's motto


Race: Rakashan
XP: 60
Rank: Veteran


Charisma: 0 (-4) [Racial]
Pace: 8
Parry: 7
Toughness: 6 (+2)

Fighting: D10
Healing: D6
Survival: D6
Tracking: D6
Knowledge (Death): D6
Knowledge (Raven Queen) : D6
Notice: D6
Knowledge (Alchemy): D4
Knowledge (Nature): D4

Climbing: D4 [Racial] (does not actually have climbing, Racial +2 makes it a straight d4 roll instead of an unskilled)

Bloodthirsty (Major)[Racial] (will not perform non lethal attacks)
Arrogant (Major) (Usually targets the ‘boss’ feeling ‘mooks’ are below her)
Overconfident (Major) (Will take the option with the overwhelming odds against her)
Loyal (Minor) (Would give her life for her friends, never leaves anyone behind)
Quirk (Minor) – She rarely stops attacking an opponent unless she is told to stop. This includes after they have already died.
Fleet Footed (2 base pace and run dice of a d10)
Improved First Strike (If a foe moves adjacent to her, she gets one free attack on them)
Mighty Blow (Doubles damage to opponent on a successful Fighting check, when dealt a Joker)
Block (
1 to parry)
Trademark Weapon (+1 to Fighting rolls for weapon) – Mjeowlnir.
Sweep (Can make an attack that hits all those adjacent to Freya (friend and foe alike) at a -2 to the fighting roll)

Low light Vision (no minus to vision in dark)
Racial Enemy [Saurian] (will attack one on sight)

Dark Feather Armor (2 to Toughness) (first instance that wearer is attacked she disappears an reappears behind the attacker) (Leather Armour +1)
Mjeowlnir (Gelatinous Maul) ( STR + d8 + 2) (
2 to Fighting, Acidic Keyword, once per encounter make an opposed fighting roll. On a success the maul ‘swalliows’ the recipient (up to +4 size) and deals 2d6 each round they are ‘grappled’)
Maul (STR + d8) (AP 2 vs Rigid Armor, Parry -1, 2 hands) (In Bag of Holding)

Items of Power:
Ring of Pain Resistance (ignore the first wound for all rolls)


Freya Ir’mote

Twenty five years ago, two ‘litters’ of Rakashan were born within the Ch’tar ‘pride’, three to the Ch’tar and four to the Ir’mote. Freya was the eldest of the Ir’mote pride born that year. Though she missed out on being the ‘leader of the generation by mere minutes. Of the three girls in that generations ’pride’ it was obvious from a young age that Freya was the strongest. Whilst not as strong as her brothers or male cousins, she easily overpowered the girls, and to some degree Lynx in the early years.

When it came her fourteenth year, it was time for the Ch’tar ‘Rite of passage’ hunt. As a pack the seven Rakashan born that year were to hunt together. However the rite was such that though they hunted as a group, the kills had to be made by hand and alone. And once the kill was made they no longer took part in the hunt. This meant that even the final Rakashan to finish their rite was respected equally as they had tracked and killed alone.

Freya was the first of the seven to pass their rite of passage. In fact of all the hunts performed before and since there are no rivals to her bagging her prey in under an hour, the nearest rival came in at two hours, which was her cousin Acyn’nyx. Whilst she wasn’t the best tracker of her generation, she was the fastest. Within moments of the litter breaking into smaller groups she, Lynx, Onclia and Ocele were already on the trail of a small group of boar. With the others distracting the other boar, Freya took her chance and dealt a lethal strike to the boar with her claws. This caused the other boar to flee before the others could capture their own but Freya had completed her rite and the others celebrated with her.

Under the customs of the Ch’tar the female line often learn to follow the teachings of a nature god. Whilst it is not uncommon for a male of the generation to follow these teachings and become Shaman, Druids or Paladins, it is more often the not the female line that take these roles. At the age of eighteen Freya had followed the teachings of Nylea, the goddess of the hunt, as was common for her family.

Freya became quite proficient with any weapon she was given during her paladin training. However even with a range of choices Freya was confident in her abilities, some may say too confident. After only a few months wielding one she had become quite proficient and had made the Maul her weapon of choice. At four feet with large and very heavy head, her weapon was one to be feared. When she swung the weapon and it hit, a person knew about it.

Not long after her twenty first year an incident occurred whilst she was hired as an adventurer and healer. The group were taken hostage by a group of necromancers. Whilst under the necromancers control they drained the lifeforce of her group. As each of the party fell, they were raised as a thrull. Being the spirtual person she was she knew they were an abomination in the eyes of most gods. It was then that she had an out of body experience where she felt she had come face to face with the god known as the ‘Raven Queen’. The vision told her to be an avenger for her cause.

When the vision ended she realised she was no longer being restrained by any means, be them magical or physical. Freya attacked with the first thing she could get hold of and began to fight her way towards her Maul. Upon getting to it she started to channel her spiritual powers into her Maul and killed her former teammates and the necromancers who had used them in their spells.

Though still loyal to the god Nylea, she began to become more obsessed with the Raven Queen and eventually her powers as a Paladin of Nylea began to wane. Not that she had the motivation to continue preaching about her god. Deep down she didnt want to be the right hand of her god like most paladins, she wanted to be the weapon of her god. But Nylea was not a vengeful god, Though she carried a bow in her images she was very much a protecting god. On the other hand the Raven Queen was the sort of god that needed a weapon. By the next year she had cast aside her Paladin path and started on the path of an Avenger, Making her the first and only Avenger of the Ch’tar.

In recent times her cousin Lynx had joined a group called the Golden Dragon Slayers and asked his generation to help in the extermination of a host of hellish and undead creatures called into existence by a necromancer. At this point she had become a proficient Avenger for the Raven Queen, even of her spiritual powers had now left her, her strong will and even stronger swing made her a formidable opponent for any who crossed her or any undead who crossed her path.

A few days ago Lynx invited her to go drinking with him. He regaled her and the other occupants of the inn of his antics with the group. As he bid her and the other drinkers a good night he said to her ’I’ll tell the Queen you said Hi’ before joining one of his regular girlfriends in bed. The following morning she heard that Lynx had died, After meeting the woman he had spent his last night with, she was told that he was expecting to die, that he wanted her to have the armour that was stored with his two scimitar and to take the other items he had put with them and give them to his group, who were now calling themselves the Silver Guard. Feeling almost honour boubd she followed his instructions. Even joining the group to follow on Lynx’s vision, especially when she was told about them dealing with the undead.

Freya Ir'Mote

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