Godfrey "The Librarian" Artemis


Race: Elf

SMT: D10

Charisma: 0
Pace: 5"(6")
Parry: 4(5)
Toughness: 4

Notice: D6
Healing: D4
Fighting: D6
Knowledge (Nature): D8
Knowledge (Arcana): D8
Knowledge (History): D4
Knowledge (Religion): D4
Knowledge (Alchemy): D4
Knowledge (—-): D4
Knowledge (—-): D4
Taunt: D4
Survival: D4
Investigation: D6

Hindrances: Elderly (Major), All Thumbs (Racial + hindrance = Major), Quirk (Minor)
Edges at creation: Scholar, Low light vision (Racial), Linguist (Background), Agile (Racial)

Advancement edges: Ritual Caster, Elan

Weapons: Staff ( +1reach, +1parry, str +D4 )
Items of Power:
Gear: Ritual Book, 100gold worth of ritual components, flint and steel


For many years Godfrey has been a librarian in the Grand Library in the Seven Pillared Hall, responsible for maintaining the cataloging and condition of great tomes and ancient scrolls. As a young Elf he has always had a thirst for knowledge, to a point that some people regarded it as unhealthy. Once he felt he had learnt all there was to know there, at the age of thirty nine he left his Elven home behind and ventured out into the world in search of broader horizons.

He began to become fascinated with nature, appreciating what beauty the world can offer. He absorbed many books on the perplexities and wonders of nature and gathered useful survival skills on his travels. For twenty five years he roamed the lands in search of books he hadn’t read yet, visiting different cities and villages until his travels came to a halt.

At the age of sixty four (still a young Elf by Elven standards), it was no surprise that this obsession with books would inevitably lead the young Godfrey to finding the Grand Library. He was drawn to the sheer abundance of knowledge available there like a moth to a flame, it overwhelmed him. He did not apply for a job there so much as he decided to stay and read some books one day; yet after many years of seeing him reading and voluntarily looking after the books, the Head Librarian (at that time) decided it appropriate and sensible to take the young Godfrey on as a trainee librarian. He has since worked there for so long he no longer remembers his exact age, just his birthday, but at times he thinks it possible that he may be as old as some of the very books he has looked after.

Many years ago Godfrey realised he had read more than half of the books available to him in the library but began to worry that he would not live long enough to be able to read the other half. This led to him becoming increasingly interested in the idea of extending his already long-lived life so he could read the rest. From then on he began his pursuit of this and for the past few years has delved deeply into the dark arts, and yet although he now is very knowledgeable of the Arcana, the ability to extend his life still eludes him.

In the time since his arrival, the Library has seen fourteen different Head Librarians, the most recent of them being hellbent on downsizing the Library to stocking ‘relevant’ modern literature and burning the older tomes and scrolls.

After finally being promoted to Head Librarian (due to the unfortunate but suspicious death of his predecessor) Godfrey delegated his previous responsibilities to his long-serving subordinate and used his new position to organize expeditions to ruins and derelict cities to search for any way of extending his life. Recently Godfrey obtained some information which led him to embark on an expedition to recover a rare scroll that was said to offer the holder extended life.

On his return to the Library, empty handed from a fruitless expedition, he was shocked to find his beloved library overrun with the undead. Distraught at the destruction of many of the books there and his very home of sorts being stolen from him he decided to head to the city of Silvercrest to ask the Silver Guard for assistance. He has since discovered the Lich was responsible for his library’s destruction. To him, his books were his loved ones, his children, his real family, and he now vows to avenge the sacrilegious violation of the only things he regarded as important in his life.

Godfrey "The Librarian" Artemis

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