Lynx Ch’tar

The best there is at what he does. But what he does best isn't very nice.


Race: Rakashan
XP: 28
Rank: Seasoned


Charisma: 0 (-4) [Racial]
Pace: 6
Parry: 6
Toughness: 5 (+1)

Fighting: D8
Stealth: D8
Healing: D6
Lockpicking: D6
Climbing: D6 (+2) [Racial]
Tracking: D6
Knowledge (Surgery): D4
Notice: D4

Bloodthirsty (Major)[Racial] (will not perform non lethal attacks)
Curious (Major) (Likely to pick up things that say ‘do not touch’)
Illiterate (Minor) (auto fail when involving reading and writing)
Stubborn (Minor) (never back tracks any prior decision)
Ambidexrous (no minus for off hand weapon use)
Luck (additional benny at start of session)
Two Fisted (can make 2 attacks without multi action penalty
Natural Warrior (d8 to natural weapons instead of d6)
Fleet Footed (+2 to base pace, d10 for Run)
Low light Vision (no minus to vision in dark)
Racial Enemy [Saurian] (will attack one on sight)

Former Posessions
Given to Freya
Dark Feather Armor (+1 to Parry) (first instance that wearer is attacked he disappears an reappears behind the attacker)

Left in Posession of the Silver Guard
Bloodstone Gem (that replaces left eye) (1 to Ranged damage, -10 to Holy Damage against)
Ring of Water Walking (walk on calm water)
Ring of Avoidance (
1 to shooting against)
Executioners Hood (+2 to Indimidate (or d4 without Intimidate skill)
Cloak of Avoidance (wearer becomes intangible for 5 minutes or till combat ends)
Ethileil (Elven Gloves +2, possesed by spirit of insane pirate Ethileil Bowbreaker)
Marked Deck of cards
Monocle that allows the wearer to read invisible ink.
Acid Blade
Cross Blade
Elvish Short Sword

The Ch’Tar

To most the Rakashan are seen as a group of outsiders, within the Rakashan that live outside the ‘Gate at Dusk’, the same is true for the ‘pride’ known as the Ch’tar. The Ch’tar as a whole are not just a single family of Rakashan, but is made up of several families who had made a ‘blood pact’ with each other many, many many centuries ago.

The Ch’tar are outsiders within the Rakashan race because of their more primal nature compared to their bretheren. Whilst not feral as such, the pride respect the old ways. They regularly go on hunts to cook and kill their own food and also perform ‘rite of passage’ hunts where young Rakashan within the pride must kill their first animal with nothing but their own hands.

Because of this whole ‘respecting the old ways’ mentality, the Ch’tar are seen as ideal choices for enforcer, bodyguard, torturer and militia roles. When a person needs someone to intimidate someone or need someone made an example of they would hire a member of the Ch’tar before any other choices. As such they are usually seen as mercenaries for hire. Though they dont see themselves that way.

Lynx Ch’tar

Twenty five years ago, two ‘litters’ of Rakashan were born within the Ch’tar ‘pride’, three to the Ch’tar and four to the Ir’mote. Lynx was the youngest of the seven born that year, with almost a day between that of his older siblings and himself. In his younger years he was described as the runt of the litter, this was espeically noticable as during the years leading up to puberty, female Raskashan are smaller by several inches, and Lynx was shorter and lighter than his sister Ocelo.

Whilst he was the runt when it came to size and build. The one thing that was apparent from a young age was that Lynx was stronger that people would expect for his a size. Pound for pound he was easily the strongest all the Rakashan of his generation. He also had a pace that rivaled even the female Rakashan, whose musculature made them naturally quicker than male Rakashan.

When it came his fourteenth year, it was time for the Ch’tar ‘Rite of passage’ hunt. As a pack the seven Rakashan born that year were to hunt together. However the rite was such that though they hunted as a group, the kills had to be made by hand and alone. And once the kill was made they no longer took part in the hunt. This meant that even the final Rakashan to finish their rite was respected equally as they had tracked and killed alone.

As was expected because of his size, Lynx was the last Rakashan to finish his rite. However he earned a lot of respect within his pride because of his actions that day. Whilst tracking a stag through some overgrowth he noticed a small group of armed mercaneries within the boundaries of their hunting grounds. At first he assumed that they were from Silvercrest. After tracking them, he followed them to a clearing he recognised well. It was where his sister, brother and ‘cousins’ were eating their kills along with the rest of his pride. When he saw the mercenaries begin to get out a crossbow each, he struck without thinking.

When the rest of the pride arrived, Lynx stood amongst the bodies of four of the eight mercenaries that had tried to attack his family, as for the other four, his family finished them off, not that any of them would have survived the encounter anyway.

Upon hitting his seventeenth year, Lynx was no longer the runt of the litter, whilst still smaller than his brother and most male Rakashan, it was only by an inch instead of four or five, he had the strength of a male Rakashan but as quick as a female. He has also earned respect within the pride and was already being used as an enforcer by a local gambling den owner, being the first of his generation to work.

As his name spread, it became apparent that he wasnt the best person within his pride for an enforcer or bodyguard role. However his name spread as a torturer of great skill. Instead of intimidating a person into confessions or giving information, Lynx just kept torturing them until they either died, or he was told to stop. It wasnt that he enjoyed torturing people, he just knew how to do it well.

Ch’Tar customs meant that upon the age of eighteen each of the litter was to take a different path within the pride. Some like his sister Ocelo became Shaman, others like his ‘cousin’ Oncila followed a Druidic path. Lynx had long known what he path he was best to follow. He was a natural born warrior. He had no natural affinity for the arcane, nor did he have the charisma needed for a leader. He just had a body and mind built for fighting ‘tooth and claw’

In more recent years, the need for torturers was less needed, at least those of a third party anwyay. Typically now a local militia or criminal group would have their own ‘in house’ torturer when they needed information extracting from a prisoner. This meant that Lynx was earning less than the rest of his litter. Sensing the ridicule he would suffer from his kin he joined some local militia and a local mercinary group taking jobs that suited his stregths.

The most recent of these jobs involved him joining the Order of the Golden Dragon Slayers.

Lynx Ch’tar

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