Markul Duskwater



Race: Atlantean

Agility D8
Smarts D6
Spirit D6
Strength D8
Vigor D10

Parry 6+1
Toughness 8
Charisma 0
Pace 6


Tough (1 Toughness)
Brave (
2 Fear checks)
Nerves of steel (ignores first wound)
Command (+1 to others spirit)
Counter Attack (allows a free strike against opponent who has failed to get past parry at a -2 modifier)


Dehydration (once per day markul needs to be fully submerged or takes points of fatigue)
Overconfident (Major)
Delusional (Min)
Enemy (Min)


Fighting D8
Throwing D8
Swimming D8
Notice D6
Survival D6
Repair D6
(Aquatic life) D4
Lockpicking D4


Coming from a distant plane Markul hails from the underwater city of Atlantis, when asked how he got here he shy’s away from any precise answer (this may mean he just got lost) though Markul still believes his deep seated felling of superiority over the other races in Silvercrest. though when he firs arrived in the city he found that very few people seemed to care that he is Atlantean leading Markul to believe that he is not the first of his kind to venture here (though with the diverse races in silvercrest a 7 foot fish-man is not too strange) he soon found work as a mercenary due to his towering presence and fearsome fighting technique, after a few missions markul was persuaded by……..someone to join the silverguard and there he was put into unit 82.

He unfortnately met his end in the pyramid of shadows when he was filleted by some ethereal swords

Markul Duskwater

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