Norros Fallenheart

Born into darkness, searching for the light


Race: Tiefling
Rank: Seasoned
EXP: 30

SMT: D12
SPR: D10

Derived Statistics:
Charisma: -6
Pace: 6"
Parry: 4
Toughness: 8 (1)

Fighting: D4
Knowledge (Arcana): D10
Knowledge (Demon Hunters): D6
Knowledge (Demonic): D4
Notice: D6
Spellcasting: D12
Stealth: D6
Swimming: D4

Enemy of Light (Major) – takes double damage from Holy attacks
Enemy (Major) – hunted by most Demon Hunters
Outsider (Minor) – -2 Charisma
Cautious (Minor)
Phobia (Minor) – Tightly enclosed spaces
Vow (Major) – Prove that Magic is Good
One Eye (Major) – -2 for depth perception
Habit (Major) – discovering secrets, Fatigue check if goes 24 hours without ‘fix’

Infernal Resistance – +1 Toughness
Intelligent – starts with d6 in Smarts
Low Light Vision – ignores penalties for Dim and Dark lighting
Internal power – starts with +5 Power Points
Arcane Background (Magic)
Ritual Caster
Darkvision – can see invisible creatures

Leather Armour – +1 Toughness
Elrry’s Glowy Amulet – +1 Toughness
Ring of Storing – currently contains one use of Shape Change attuned to the form of a cat
Eye of Vecna – causes Hindrances One Eye (Major) and Habit (Major) and Edge Darkvision. Increases Spellcasting and Smarts by one die type, +5 power points, additional -4 to Charimsa, Free rituals History Revealed (once per day) and Speak With Dead (once per week), once per day can attempt to Dominate target (opposed SPR check after locking eyes), once per encounter can make opposed SPR check against target, on success target takes -2 to all actions until end of its next turn.
Once per week must make raise on SPR check to avoid becoming Evil.
Captain’s Plume – provides allies with +1 to get out of Shaken.

Full Power Points: 30
Burst – 2 Power Points, Cone Template, all targets within template make AGL roll, those who fail take 2D10 damage.
Deflection – 2 Power Points, Touch, Duration 3 (1/round), all enemies take -2 to any Fighting, Shooting or other attack rolls which target the user, on a raise this is -4. This also acts as armour against area effect damage.
Healing – 3 Power Points, Touch, removes one wound from target with a success, two with a raise. Can also cure poison and disease if used within 10 minutes of the event.
Summon Ally – variable Power Points, Range = Smarts, Duration 3 (1/round), summons an obedient ally as an Extra, which immediately has its turn and will act on user’s Initiative.

Attributes: AGL d6, SMT d6, SPR d6, STR d8, VGR d8
Pace 6, Parry 5, Toughness 10 (4)
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6
Gear: Long Sword (STR+d8)
Armour +4 – Stone Skin
Construct – +2 to recover from being Shaken, no additional damage from called shots, does not suffer from poison or disease.
Fearless – Immune to fear and Intimidation

5 – Raised SPR to d10
10 – Power Points (Novice)
15 – New Power: Summon Ally
20 – Power Points (Seasoned)
25 – New Edge: Ritual Caster
30 – Skills: raised Knowledge (Arcana) by two levels to D10


Spending his early years growing up alone in the wilderness outside Silvercrest, Norros never knew his parents, but he learned at an early age that he was not like other children. Seeing a group from a local village playing nearby, Norros stepped out to join them, but the children recoiled at his appearance and the villagers scoured the countryside for weeks searching for the ‘devil boy’ they thought had come to eat their children. Since then Norros has kept very much to himself, hiding away in the darkest places he could find and seeking to avoid all contact. Several other encounters throughout his childhood caused him to retreat further and further away from society, including being hunted first by villagers, then by recluses whose caves he found himself in, several times having to move suddenly after discovering Demon Hunters had arrived in his area after someone had spotted him. This all caused him to spend many years alone, practising the powers he found within himself. Having grown up alone, these powers seemed to him to be a marvellous thing, as he was able to create fire to warm himself in secluded caves, felt strong enough to shrug off some attacks during times when he was caught outside by Hunters, and even let him summon a stone bodyguard he would talk to as his only ‘friend’, quietly talking to the mindless golems he could form as the only company he found which did not attack him on-sight.

One dark night, hunger drove him to forage much closer to a small village than he would normally have dared. Unbeknownst to him, however, the village was home to a band of Demon Hunters who had spotted his approach early and were planning on having some sadistic fun with him before they killed him. Trapping him, they locked Norros in an extremely small box, only releasing him to beat him severely before throwing him back in the box again. After several days of this, a motherly woman of the village accidentally opened the box while searching for laundry, and received a torrent of fire as Norros finally seized his chance to make his escape. The reaction to his murder of the woman was not merely horror that he had escaped and murdered a woman to do so, but that he had used magic. Women shrieked and children cried as all were filled with terror that he was going to not merely kill them in revenge, but destroy the entire world with his magic just as had happened before.

Horrified, Norros fled into the mountains, his mind reeling from his recent captivity but moreso from the revelation that the only good and marvellous thing he could do was just as evil as his ancestors supposedly were. He himself believed that his magic was the only useful thing he could do and so he vowed to himself to prove that magic was good and was safe. He left the wilderness and headed for the city, where he had heard that a local force was accepting all applicants to create a guard for the city against an onslaught of undead. Hopeful that compared to such a threat even he might be found an acceptable ally, Norros joined up, though he remembers little of his acceptance into the order, the actual process of joining escaping his mind whenever he tried to think of it, as though it had all happened in a bit of a daze. He also acquired a faintly-glowing amulet during his acceptance into the order, which again he cannot remember, only that it is a light which does not burn him and in fact protects him. Inscribed with two horizontal swords, one pointing to the left and the other to the right, the amulet has become his first actual possession and immediately very dear to him.

While within the order itself, called the Silver Guard, he is barely-tolerated by his fellow troops and only that because he diligently hides his magic from them, he has at least found a place which protects him from Demon Hunters, high in the sky aboard the Order’s airship, the Falling Star. Finally, Norros Fallenheart has found himself a place where he can begin to do some good, and perhaps through his adventures he will learn the truth of whether magic can be used safely in this world.

Sadly, Norros’s hopes were short-lived. In the Pyramid of Shadows, he became enamoured with a mysterious artefact that promised great power: the Eye of Vecna. Possessed of a momentary fervour, he gouged out his own eye to replace it with the Eye, granting him far greater powers than he had ever dreamed, but at a terrible cost. His magic was irreparably tainted, his hopes of using magic for good destroyed by this taint which turned all of his spells evil. His Healing drained the target’s life energy, his Burst unleashed an unholy barrage and his beloved Summon Ally became a beacon to bring forth undead, an evil even Norros could not hope to redeem. Having seen his companion Freya gleefully destroy his monstrosities and completely out of energy, Norros knew that she would be coming for him next. Deciding to end things by his own hand, he wrote a letter explaining the error of his ways and bequeathed this to the Guard, hoping that it might dissuade another from a similar fate. This done, and alone for a moment to compose himself, he took his dagger and hatefully stabbed the Eye of Vecna from his head, ripping it out and hurling it away. Having bound himself to the Eye by using it, this act killed Norros, and his companions gave him a fitting funeral on a pyre, the hated Eye tossed into the flames to burn along with him.

Norros never reached his hopes, but what he left behind may someday help another.

Norros Fallenheart

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