Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Rank: Seasoned

Pace: 5
Parry: 9

Agility D6
Smarts D4
Spirit D8
Strength D10
Vigor D6

Hindrances: Phobia (deep water & rats) minor
Enemy minor
Bloodthirsty Major

Edges: Tough
Low Light Vision
improved nerves of steel

*all stats are taken from time of death


There are so many types of people in this world, people of honour, people of integrity and people of faith. Prosnokulous can proudly boast that he has killed at least one of each of these types of people. He is as violent as they come, Prosnokulous is driven by a almost psychotic blood lust he sees no problem in cutting down any and all who stand in his way be them beggar or knight and has usually comes out on top.

His fighting skill is unmatched, being able to take on large groups of heavily armed opponents and walk out unscathed is one feat that he could achieve with his high parry and toughness

one of the many flaws of this dwarf was an almost crippling fear of deep water though he has never told anyone about why, one of the most popular is that due to him being a dwarf his proficiency in swimming is so poor that even the thought of being near a area where he cannot traverse fills this almost terrifying individual with almost infantile fear.

His primary weapon is his almost horrifying bone devil scythe that commands fear on the battlefield

Prosnokulous travelled with his allies or “meat shields” as he preferred to call them until he was finally undone when he obtained the ‘evil’ sword the “soul drinker” a weapon that boosted his fighting skills to most inhuman levels and started to change him into a vampire in a ill fated quest to rid the party of the “soul drinker”he tried to destroy the blade but accidentally unleashed the lich and was given the gift of becoming a full vampire, a process that took very little effort but some consider it not much of a transformation for Prosnokulous but he was then commanded to attack his former allies. After a short battle Elrry Mineshadow landed the killing blow with arsus finally ending the tale of Prosnokulous. As short tale of excessive bloodshed and a swooning baroness


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