Steve Luckborn

We believe in Steve


Race: Human

Agility: D8
Smarts: D4
Spirit: D6
Strength: D8
Vigor: D8

Parry: 6
Toughness: 6 (7)
Pace: 6

Fighting: D8
Investigation: D8 (+ 2)
Notice: D6 (+ 2 when examining evidence)
Streetwise: D6 (+ 2)

Hindrances: Stubborn (minor), Enemy (minor) (Marline)

Edges: Great Luck, Investigator


Steve looks like a typical thug from smoke and is able to hold his own in a fight. However Steve always had a dream, to be a great investigator which was unusual with his apparent lack of common knowledge to even attempt to be one yet alone be any good. Though Steve was not be deterred by those who did not believe in his dream and pushed on with his dream. With some skill and quite a bit of luck solved some small time cases including one with a certain half-folk which left a bitter taste for both sides. One day Steve heard about a bard that was recruiting people from smoke to join a new order and seeing the opportunity to solve higher level cases Steve signed up and immediately took the first mission he could get.

Written by Nathanell Fitzwillyam (Humble bard to Wilgold)

There was a man born deep in the rotting streets of smoke and from these humble beginnings he would walk path that would lead him to greatness. That man was named Steve Luckborn a man we could believe in. He started life investigating with no case he could not solve, many seemed to be more luck then skill but in truth it was his believe that was the key to his success that others would soon follow. He eventually joined the golden dragon slayers where he bravely joins the quest to help Wilgold and Orsov’s party to reclaim the lost forage. It was said he fought with a distinct spirit that even impressed Wilgold (it’s a feat even of itself just to get him to recognise you sometimes or get your name right).

This lead to him being given command of the fort he helped to capture. Ever vigilant he soon saw the danger that was fast approaching and saw through the deception that was to come. The coming days saw much overhaul but our fearless commander Steve bravely saw us through saving as many as he could from the evil that had taken over the golden dragon slayers. We soon returned to the others by which Steve bravely volunteered to join a new quest to stop a sea drake and join the others on the mysterious island and that was the last I saw of Steve.

It is unclear as to how Steve was killed, some say it was in a swamp trying to rescue Wilgold, other say it was the result of a night with a Rakashan but there are those who say he is not really gone. It is said that he has been with the party as long as Wilgold and he even recently slayed an ancient vampire (not according to Wilgold though). For as long as you believe in Steve there is always hope.

Steve Luckborn

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