Wayfinder (Air Spirit)


An air spirit, now housed in the Falling Star.


While it is believed that Wayfinder may first have been bound to her ship by a previous group of adventurers (rumours abound that it may even have been the same group who freed the city and renamed it from its original name of Ironcrest), her history is a complete unknown to our group of heroes. They came into possession of the ship, which had been converted into a badly-maintained pub of low reputation, after its landlord angrily thrust the deed at them following a swift-but-brutal pub fight. They had no idea as to its true nature, however, until they ventured to locate the lost sword from the symbolic ship’s wheel located on the wall beside the bar. Once this sword was retrieved and put into place, however, the ship tore free from its stanchions (leaving its lower deck behind), and rose into the skies.

At first communications were difficult. A heroic spirit, Wayfinder seemed to see little worth in her new ‘owners’ and so refused to aid them. They also lacked the knowledge to commune with her and so resorted to shouting at the ship around them in order to communicate, typically trying for answers which she did not give. A fair amount of experimentation eventually led the party to understand how to board and depart the ship while it was in flight, and they eventually began to convince Wayfinder of their good intentions in their activities, and gained some grudging assistance from her. Over time, Wilgold and Elrry became the only remaining members of her original crew, and Elrry, already studying Arcana in order to detect magical traps, finally learned how to conduct the rituals to commune with her effectively.

Finally able to speak, Wayfinder gave Elrry two rituals: one to create and destroy her badges, which allowed the wearers to communicate but which had been so misused after one fell into the wrong hands, and one to bind her to a new ship. Using these, her original badges became nothing more than cheap ornamentation, and new ones were forged with a new symbol, and her spirit was finally transferred to a new home aboard the newly-purchased Falling Star.

Wayfinder (Air Spirit)

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