Wilgold Fletcher

The Brave Wilgold Fletcher. Hero to all


Race: Half-Elf

Agility: D10
Smarts: D8
Spirit: D8
Strength: D8
Vigor: D6

Charisma: -2
Pace: 6"
Parry: 7(8)
Toughness: 5(6)

Shooting: D10 (+ 3/+ 5)
Fighting: D10
Climbing: D6
Stealth: D6
Notice: D6 (+ 3)
Tracking: D8
Investigation: D6 (+1)
Knowledge (Battle): D8

Hindrances: Arrogant (Major), Enemy (Major – Altosh the Lich), Delusional (Believes his own hype)(Minor), Outsider (Minor), Greed (Minor), Heroic (minor Dragontooth), extra 10 damage from fire attacks

Edges: Alertness, Low Light Vision, Quick Draw, Marksman, Command, Hold the Line, Commanding Presence, Fervor, Tactician

Additional: Ruby Right Eye, Rosequarts Left Index Finger

Armour: Leather apron

Weapons: Spirit Bow, Dragontooth, Flaming Elf Bow

Items of power: Elven cloak, Ring of Friendship, ring of arcane resistance

Gear: wayfinder badge, Bag of Holding, quiver (20 arrows), Horn of Ghost dwarfs,


Wilgold Fletcher

The Wayfinder Wilgold_Fletcher