A blade of Legend

weapon (melee)

+2 to fighting and damage checks against the Undead.

When used against the Undead on a raise the damage dealt by the blade is a D8 instead of a D6

Once a day when this blade is used to deliver the killing blow to an undead, its user can recover a single wound.


Originally known as Quicksilver, this blade of legend was original carried into battle by lord Tobis Longshadow, where it struck a fell blow against the necromancer Voidscar. Passed down from father to son in the noble line of Longshadow it eventually passed to the youngest member of the long shadow family, Arsus Longshadow.

In his hands the blade was used to battle Sawtooth, the goblin king. Carried against the dark kingdoms of Tolaf and Kal, used to quell the uprising at Kings Gate and countless other heroic deeds.

Eventually while in pursuit of a shade of Tiamat the blade was carried through the portal at Lion’s Run and found itself and its owner in the New World.

Here the blade was blessed by the gods of light and in its new silvered form was used by Arsus Longshadow as a symbol of the newly formed Silver Blades, an order of knights honour bound to free the slave town of Ironcrest. After a long and fraught campaign Arsus Longshadow and his fellow adventures brought down the slavers, freed the people of Ironcrest and founded the city of Silvercrest on its ruins.

Their success was not long lived however, at the Palace of the Overlord. Arsus Longshadow met his match in the Overlord himself, who after overpowering him, struck him through with his own blade, leaving him bleeding the the Palace floor.

Another of the party, Sir Kevan managed to put the Overlord down, but when the battle was done he realised Arsus was beyond saving. He picked up and carried his fallen friend to the mount of kings, a Dwarven fortress with the rumoured power to bind souls back to the body. There he carried Arsus down to the “fire that lay below” and with the help of a young Tiefling healer they attempted the long and dangerous ritual to bring Arsus back to life.

The ritual did not go according to plan, they managed to bring his soul back, but could not bind it to his body, instead they did the only thing they could, and bound Arsus to his Sword, Quicksilver.

Sir Kevan carried the newly forged blade into many a battle and quest, until he grew too old to ride into battle. His retirement was to build a fort over a scar in the world, and garrison himself with a band of solders, swearing to guard the rift below in this life, and beyond. Waiting to pass Arsus on to a worthy adventurer.


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