Badge of the Wayfinder.

A badge showing the logo of the wayfinder


These 6 badges found in the Wayfinder are attuned to each other they allow the players to freely share information with one another regardless of distance in the world.

They also currently serve as the only way on and off the Wayfinder.

Someone wearing a badge need only step off the side of the Wayfinder’s deck to find themselves on solid ground below.

To return, a wearer need only stand directly below the Wayfinder, and take a single step while picturing themselves on deck.

Within the order of the golden dragon the badges have come to show one of the orders officers.

Currently the badges are carried by the following people.

Elrry Mineshadow

Wilgold Fletcher



Geoff the Bard

steve luckborn


Badge of the Wayfinder.

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