Elrry's Ritual Book


Total Pages: 128
Pages Used: 29
Remaining Pages: 99

List of Rituals:
Arcane Lock (4 pages)
Comprehend Language (1 page) – MASTERED
Detect Secret Doors (3 pages)
Enchant Magic Item (10 pages)
Knock (4 pages) – MASTERED
Make Whole (1 page)
Phantom Steed (6 pages)


Originally the Ritual Book of Dugesia DeShire, first daughter of one of Silvercrest’s wealthiest and most respected families, this book was buried with its owner after her death. Having died as the result of a foul plot by her own younger sister, Dugesia’s soul could not rest, particularly after her tomb was damaged by raiders seeking bodies for necromantic purposes. After treating with her to find out as much as possible about what had happened to her, both in life and in her tomb, Elrry and Orsov set about making things right for her, restoring her mausoleum and setting her soul to rest.

As thanks for their actions, Dugesia gave them the personal treasures which had been buried with her, Elrry receiving the ritual book. Having encountered a number of magical traps which even his superb Lockpicking skills could do nothing about, Elrry had been researching Arcana and their uses anyway, and the ritual book became a valuable resource for him in this research. Over time he has begun to master the rituals contained in its pages, intending to add to the book as he grows more confident with ritual casting.

Elrry's Ritual Book

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