The Gloves of a long dead pirate


Base Item: Elven Gloves +2
• Attributes: Smarts d6, Spirit d10
• Skills:
Boating d8
Gambling d6
Knowledge (Dwarvish) d4
Knowledge(Orcish) d6
Knowledge (Ports) d8
Streetwise d6
Swimming d6
• Personality: Insane (Strong)
• Hindrances: Arrogant (Major), Bloodthirsty (Major), Wanted (Major)
• Goal: Acquire fame and glory

When wearing the gloves you have access to Ethileil’s skills and attributes,

Once put on, every hour you need to make an opposed spirit check against Ethileil’s spirit, if this fails Ethileil’s personally takes over, making you an avatar of the pirate. After an hour this check can be made again to wrestle control back.

The gloves can be removed with an opposed spirit check, however you need a raise to remove them this way.

The wearer can also surrender him self to Ethileil, if this happens the characters original personality is lost, and their and Ethileil’s stats are permanently merged together. the gloves then become a normal pair of elven +2 gloves.


Ethileil once belonged to an elven pirate by the name of Ethileil Bowbreaker, who plagued the shipping lanes long ago. Back then, the gloves was just an ordinary relic.
Then Ethileil went to the bottom of the sea, so did his gloves. There they lay for centuries, attached to the unshriven corpse of the pirate lord.

As the corpse rotted, the soul of the pirate sought refuge from the fiery eternity that awaited it. Through an act of willpower, the soul of Ethileil became part of his magic gloves. While the bonding worked, it also drove Ethileil insane.


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