The Falling Star


Current State of Repair: Sea-worthy
Funds required for full outfitting: 9,000 gold

Current Equipment:
- Dragon-in-flight Mainsail: + 2 to all Boating checks

Layout Information:
Forecastle: In need of outfitting
Quarterdeck: In need of further outfitting
Main Deck: contains Captain’s Cabin at fore, other party cabins to stern
Lower Deck: Crew quarters (steerage) to stern, Ship’s Kitchens and oar seating in center of deck, Guest Quarters at fore
Hold: Main Hold for storage. Ship’s doctor’s cabin/surgery in stern, potential stable at fore (requires outfitting)


Purchased to replace the party’s original ship, the Wayfinder, the Falling Star is a vastly superior vessel, a full galleon and in good repair, as opposed to the Wayfinder, which had been in dire need of repair before the Lich’s attack and was largely destroyed thereafter (though was still serviceable as an airship at time of de-commissioning). Purchased from a nobleman in Silvercrest’s High Quarter, the Falling Star had been largely unused, having been mainly a transport and cargo ship previously.

While purchased legally with monies earned from services to the High Quarter’s DeShire family and the bounty on two wanted criminals, the ship still needed to be converted into an airship. Since the party have neither the training nor the numbers to crew the Falling Star themselves, it was left in port while the Wayfinder was taken out to sea for the transferal of its guiding spirit. As the only one required to perform the ritual needed to free the Wayfinder spirit from her original ship, Elrry was the only one on-board for the transferal, releasing Wayfinder from her vessel and into the main wheel, then leaping clear of the ship with its freed wheel as it plummeted towards the sea below. Landing unharmed by the experience, Elrry and the wheel were brought back to shore by Lynx’s unskilled piloting of a small rowboat, and from there the wheel could be fitted to the Falling Star, binding Wayfinder to her new home.

The party elected not to rename their new ship, in order to prevent future confusion when referring to the air spirit Wayfinder or the vessel to which they have bound her. The ship’s original name was deemed appropriate, as recent events have left the party’s star very much in freefall. However, it is hoped that like their new vessel, they will soon be rising from the sea and back up into the sky.

With the arrival of the dozen remaining loyalists from the Order of the Golden Dragon Slayers, the ship now has a pilot and a crew. With proper outfitting, she will be ready to sail the skies…

The Falling Star

The Wayfinder RuIndeed