The Ch'Tar

The Ch’tar

To most the Rakashan are seen as a group of outsiders, within the Rakashan that live outside the ‘Gate at Dusk’, the same is true for the ‘pride’ known as the Ch’tar. The Ch’tar as a whole are not just a single family of Rakashan, but is made up of several families who had made a ‘blood pact’ with each other many, many, many centuries ago.

The Ch’tar are outsiders within the Rakashan race because of their more primal nature compared to their bretheren. Whilst not feral as such, the pride respect the old ways. They regularly go on hunts to cook and kill their own food and also perform ‘rite of passage’ hunts where young Rakashan within the pride must kill their first animal with nothing but their own hands.

Because of this whole ‘respecting the old ways’ mentality, the Ch’tar are seen as ideal choices for enforcer, bodyguard, torturer and militia roles. When a person needs someone to intimidate someone or need someone made an example of they would hire a member of the Ch’tar before any other choices. As such they are usually seen as mercenaries for hire. Though they dont see themselves that way.

Families of the Ch’tar

Currently there are four main families within the Ch’tar pride.
The Ch’tar (the central family who the pride takes the name from)
The Ir’mote
The Car’kal
The Ku’gar

There are also several smaller families in the Ch’tar though these are the families formed by the female lines of the Ch’tar. These families follow the ways of the Ch’tar, those that leave usually end up relinquishing the ways of the Ch’tar.

The Blood Pact

Many centuries ago there was a lot of in fighting between groups of Rakashan. Some groups could be as large as a country, others the surviving members of a single family. The heads of four warring families decided to hold a truce after their families decimated by the fighting. They chose instead to settle their differences with a single fight between the first born child of each the family heads in a four way fight to the death. The survivor would be declared the victor and the losing families would be forced to follow the winning family. The three rules for the fight were, no armor, no weapons, and no interference.

The fight lasted for almost a day with no single Rakashan getting an upperhand. In the end the fight ended without a winner. Near the end of the battle the eldest sons of the Car’kal and Ku’gar dealt lethal strikes on each other. each effectively ripping each others throat our with their bare hands. less than ten minutes later they watched as the eldest daughter of the Ch’tar and the eldest son of the Ir’mote also dealt equally fatal strikes upon each other.

Out of respect the families agreed to keep the truce in place and swear a blood oath to one another and in honour of the Ch’tar head’s daughter who fought valiantly and on par with the eldest sons of the other family. The Ch’tar family was chosen as the figurehead family.

One of the scholars in the Ir’mote gave instructions on how to perform a blood oath with one another. At least that was what was thought at the time. What was performed was not a blood oath but a blood pact. A mystical binding spell that prevents the members of their bloodlines from harming each other. This ritual of the blood pact is performed each time a litter of Rakashan reaches the age of adulthood, keeping the pact active long after the spell should have ended.

As the ritual is at its core a blood magic, it is not without its side effects. As a side effect the families have regressed socially from what were equivilent to noble families within the Rakashan culture, to that of a crime family through developing a more bloodthirsty nature than is generally accepted in Rakashan culture.

Ch’tar PC’s

Freya Ir’mote

Ch’tar NPC’s

Oncila Ir’mote
Aker Ir’mote
Bacchus Ir’mote
Ocelo Ch’tar
Acyn’nyx Ch’tar

Ch’tar Deceased

Lynx Ch’tar

The Ch'Tar

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