Hargul Wavebrow

A dwarf who aspires to become a deadly rogue


Race: Dwarf
XP: 46
Rank: Veteran


Charisma: -2
Pace: 5
Parry: 4+1
Toughness: 6+1

Boating: D6
Gambling: D8
Throwing: D6
Stealth: D6
Knowledge (Dwarf): D8
Survival : D4
Notice: D4
Dungeoneering: D8
Repair: D4
Lockpick: D6

Slow Outsider Delusional – Thinks the sky is a very high roof

Tough (1 toughness)
Improved Arcane Resistance (-4 to all magic attacks against character)
Luck (one extra benny)
Elan (
2 to all bennies)
Brawny (increased carrying capacity str x 8)
Marksman (Adds +2 Aim bonus to ranged attacks as long as the character hasn’t moved)

Low light Vision – racial (no minus to vision in dark)
Carrying capacity : 64
Current encumbrance: 46

Leather armour 15
Dragon Shield (once per day the shield has fire breath attack (straight damage 2d6 cone blast range 9)) (+1 to toughness) 12

Enchanted throwing axe (returns to hand after every round) *range 3/6/12 (damage Str + d6) 2
+2 Dagger *range 3/6/12 (damage str +d4 +2) 1
Dagger of Pinning *range 3/6/12 (damage Str +d4 + entangle effect) 1
Beggars bone (when thrown will cause all canine and wolf creatures to “go fetch”)
Bone dagger (str +d4) x 16 {in the bag of holding}

Bag of holding 15
Healing potion x 1

Items of Power:
Lucky dice
Gem brooch. (has 3 magic gems that can be thrown – unknown effects)


Hargul Wavebrow remembers little about his home world or his childhood, except for some vague images of two suns, vast mountain ranges, a mighty forge in the heart of his Kingdom and the violent death of his mother. He remembers the attack of the “faceless ones” that destroyed his home only as a set of disturbing fragments of a nightmare. Images of fires burning, mighty dwarf warriors fighting to the bitter end against an impossible foe. Refugees fleeing. His mother, falling in the battle and entrusting him into the care of a ship Captain.

He remembers joining the crew of a ship called the Even Keel under the command of Captain Greyhold and served as a cabin boy on board the vessel. During his voyages on the underground “sea”, he learned the skill of navigation in even the most dangerous of waters.

The final voyage of the Even Keel saw the ship take on board a prisoner by the name of Kitiara Nuben, a skilled rogue, who had been captured for a crime she didn’t commit. When the ship was swallowed by a sea drake and most of the crew killed, Hargul freed Kitiara from the brig. During the next month, they evaded death by hiding in the ship and Kitiara began to teach Hargul some of her rogue skills. Eventually, she too was killed. Hargul was found, barely alive, by a group of adventurers and brought back to an unfamiliar world

The events on the Even Keel had wiped all but a few of his past memories and Hargul found himself having to learn new skills. However, in the final moments of Kitiara’s life, Hargul vowed to find his way back home and clear her name. He decided to follow her profession in honour of her memory and uphold the name of his clan… when he eventually remembers it.

Hargul Wavebrow

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