Orzov's Jounal

I’ve decided to keep a journal of our adventures since the others ability for saying what happened leaves much to the imagination. After multiple adventures with the leading members of the order of the golden dragon slayers I came to some realizations. one, that Elrry and Wilgold are in fact not taking orders from someone and are in fact in charge of the order of the golden dragon slayers
Two, the lich that the others claim to have been released under the mountain is real and a clear and present danger
three, Wilgold is a terrible liar and his keenness to avoid having anyone sing one his songs around me is testament to him bending the truth

Entry 1

found a empty diary in the possessions of two brothers and decided to keep it we decided to knock these two out to avoid conflict but once we knocked out who we believed to be a wizard out we soon found out he was only pretending and had no power at all. I feel pretty bad about that but he is a wanted man so we had to be cautious as we attempted to leave the room Elrry was stuck with a curse but with the communication device we had and the skillful healing of both me and Lynx he pulled through.

NOTE Since Lynx Joined our group he has been immensely helpful in healing everyone, almost as much as me and I can see some intent for good in him, but when he is forced to fight he tends to look like he enjoys it too much.

As we looked around Elrry was attacked by a large serpent and with the assistance of me and Wilgold we quickly dispatched it. After looking around we found some useful items but we had to push on after a long staircase we came across 3 enemy’s, one sorcerer, one wraith and one wraith whom was a follower of the Lich

NOTE Though I have no quarrel with followers of other faiths this one was an abomination and I felt more than driven to destroy it and in caving in this creatures skull with the Dwanstar I felt a little bit more satisfaction that I let on to the others. And the Dawnstar seemed to enjoy it too. I have never wielded such a weapon before and it seem to enjoy being used in this manor

After dispatching these foes we attempted to re establish contact with Gregory back in Slivercest but to no avail we quickly rushed back and found our barracks in pieces and Gregory dead with a piece of a weapon pinning him to the wall I had no idea who’s it was and for what its meaning was, with great difficulty I was able to bury as many of the poor souls in the barracks as I could or at least I was able to gather most of the body parts up that I could.

We were later joined by a Warforged that knew both Wilgold and Elrry but I had no idea who he was but to me it seemed below average intelligence even for a Warforged.

Entry 2

we then realizing that someone was after us went to our fortress where we were met by black shet who i thought was dead or didn’t even exist but she then took to say we were not welcome, i thought this was very suspicious and Wilgold and Ellry said she was dead we the tried to convince the others that she was an imposter but we didn’t get anywhere with the troops so we decided that its a fight for another day and we went to the windmill to find the half orc who we were contracted to find by the half demon.

Note though i am very religious and i do have some issues working with these types of people i see that our overwhelming need for allies in the upcoming conflict highly out-ways my own personal prejudices

After dispatching the guards outside we found the remains of the half orc outside and decided to invstigate the windmill for the necromancer who was being delivered the bodies. after fighting the undead monstrosity inside we proceeded upstairs in persuit of the necromancer but when we got to the top we unwittingly sprung a trap involving alot of explosives. me lynx and wilgold climbed out of the window on a lendgth of rope while the warforged lept out and gracefully fell to the ground thanks to his enchanted amulet while we were climbing down the top of the windmill exploded with Elrry still inside with the top of the windmill gone and whatever we tied the rope to gone as well we all plummeted downwards i was unable to grab hold of anything so i fell down the hardest but i was fortunately unhurt after that we all reunited in the windmill with Elrry who had thankfully escaped the trap in the nick of time.

we then decided to investigate the basement and after fighting our way through some spiders we came across the necromancer we had been searching for

Orzov's Jounal

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